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Dust Control

As effective as the odour control side of the Deodouriser product/system is, another very important facet of the product composition is its dust absorption properties/capabilities. Dust control of course has many facets and our years of in-the-field experience have given Deodouriser technicians the unique ability to identify the source of the problem, and the precise and most effective way of combating it.

As much as the actual product additives are so vitally important, again as in the case of odour control, equally impacting is the tailored drop size and the quantity required. Some specific needs also require a binding agent to help control the flying particles, which in effect are captured by the microscopic water particles and dropped unceremoniously to the ground. Water will of course evaporate, whereas a binding agent helps to solidify the offending particles.

Dust problems manifest in virtually every facet of our life, but in industry the problem is magnified 100-fold because of outside influences. So whether it be movement of vehicles, quarry work, machinery in action of processing of products including waste materials, the problem that is as onerous to your workers as it is to your neighbours, can be overcome with a tailor-made cost-effective and environmentally acceptable system from Deodouriser.

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