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Temperature Control

While odour and dust problems are specifically identified and addressed with a Deodouriser system and its associated product range, a most beneficial by-product of the system is its inherent ability to control air temperatures. Lethargic workers are a burden on any productivity schedule so contemplate if you will, the benefits of lowering the ambient temperature of your factory or workshop by up to 10 degrees; imagine what that would do not only to a worker’s sanity – but also to the bottom line of this ‘productivity’ phenomenon!

Most Australians are familiar of course with the theory surrounding spraying cold water into a fan; the Deodouriser system works along the same principals as the cooler (than air-temperature) droplets float, intermingle and quickly evaporate the hitherto warmer atmosphere of the factory. The result; not only do you obtain lower median air temperatures, but because these ‘mist’ particles are so fine (0.02 microns) and as such evaporate quickly – there are no typically-associated side-problems with machinery succumbing to the age-old problem of rust and/or corrosion.

This same fast evaporation can cool large areas such as sheds or waste processing areas. The success of such a system is based on experienced placement of spray nozzles, accurate assessment of the rate of flow and critical adjustment of the system.


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