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Insect Control

While dust and odour concerns are the prime targets of a Deodouriser system, the bonus side features are temperature Control, and the control of problematical insect infestations. Included in that could also be problems at land-fills, with bird species such as the much maligned Ibis.

The Deodour Air product of course has an insect repellent already incorporated into each carefully engineered ‘recipe’, but often in the case of an infestation of perhaps plague proportions something more specific and definitive is required. In that case Deodouriser technicians along with their industrial Chemist, will work together to develop a product that will eradicate the problem once and for all.

As such, insect control of that magnitude can be designed and set up as a specific task or it is able to be retro-added to any existing system, at a later date. Deodouriser products can all be enhanced to provide either specific or broadband insect control plus disinfection if required.

These insect problems can either be in ‘field’ instances, within the factory or as technicians in the past have discovered, they can even eventuate in the office, in the toilet blocks or indeed in the humble work-shop lunch-room when workers are forced to share their lunch with a swarm of flies, midges or mosquitoes. It then becomes a human health issue – and doubly important to address


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