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“Deodour Air” Natures Way™

Odour Control

The Deodouriser product as the name suggests, first and foremost was designed as an odour combatant; the product was then further developed to address other contentious areas such as dust, insect, heat and bacteria control. All Deodouriser ‘treatment’ products contain as standard:

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Odour Neutraliser
  • Dust Absorbe
  • Insect Repellent
  • Currently Four Different Perfumed Fragrances (Alpine, Vanilla, Pina Colada, Lemon)

The method of pick-up is constant, the type of waste is constant; the difference is, with DEODOURISER - you can control the odour in a meaningful all-encompassing manner. Controlling offensive odour is a simple matter of ABSORPTION, COMBINATION and INTERFERENCE. Odour control is all about putting the right product in the right place. Its knowing how to address each facet, knowing which method of odour control is best for you, that ensures we remain the undisputed leader in our field.

Our distinctive logo says it all - DEODOUR AIR- NATURE’S WAY. We use natural products, non-hazardous, Australian made and all are water soluble and non-corrosive. Our fully adjustable dosing and multi-purpose systems often afford you the added bonus of controlling multiple environmental problems – all with the one application.

Whether it be within your factory, within the immediate area of processing machinery or around the boundary of your property, Deodouriser will install a network of overhead or fence-line or ridge-line dispersion lines and nozzles, known simply as “Air Curtains”. 

Not strictly a curtain as such, rather a durable and robust strategically placed hydraulic line with stainless steel joiners and stainless steel and brass nozzles, which emits the finest possible droplet size (0.02 microns) of our specific product. These miniscule droplets of product are ‘carried’ in the air, destroying offensive odour as they float along.

The other enlightening realisation with these smaller droplets is the fact the surrounding drive-ways, floors, machinery and indeed workers, do not become water-inundated. Whereas a lower-pressure plastic line system with its associated larger-orifice jets emit more of a ‘shower’ rather than a ‘mist spray’ (with a propensity as such, to drop to the ground significantly quicker) – in the instance of an ‘atomised’ Deodouriser system the smaller droplets remain in the air longer and therefore more efficiently collect the offending odour molecules


Our Clients:


All types of application for both commercial and industrial use.